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Ive been really busy lately so I havent posted anything in a long time. Alot has happened! My leg healed. Im walking on it no cast or anything. Conner and I broke up. Hes an asshole and thats all i have to say. I got a job as a bus girl at a restaurant and Ive been working lots of hours. I missed a whole week of school two weeks ago because I was sick. I have so much work to make up! Unfortunately my grandmother died about a month ago. She had cancer. Its sad that shes gone but at least she isnt suffering anymore. So thats whats been going on.

Big Trouble!

 So I havent posted anything in a really long time and I have a very interesting reason why and I think you'd be interested to know. Last Wednesday I was at school. I was in math class, and a girl that I have never liked was transferred into the class and my teacher of course sat her right next to me. My hair was in a braid that morning and she was like your looks like a disgusting mess so i was like excuse me dont be rude and she was like what are you gonna do slut hit me with a crutch. i said fuck you to her and my teacher heard me and yelled at me. she laughed and i told her to shut up and then i was kicked out for being rude. my teacher was like you can leave and i was like did you not hear her say all those rude things about me earlier and he was like its not about her its about you cursing in my class. i flipped out. i said that thats bullshit cause she called me a slut and told me i looked disgusting for no reason. my teacher said that i was being a brat and that i needed to leave so i said whatever fuck you youre an asshole. he called the vice principle to the class and told him everything so i had to go to his office and explain the situation. he was really nice to me cause ive never been in trouble before. He said that he wished that he didnt have to but he did have to suspend me for 3 days. I cried cause i know my parents would be mad but he was nice and talked to them and told them that i was a good kid but i was provoked. i sat in his office for like an hour and talked and then told me to go to my next class. while i was leaving he said "Im sorry that i had to suspend you sweetheart. That girl isn't very nice to you, and I'm gonna have a talk to her." My parents were mad. They took away my laptop but they're over it. At least I got a nice 3 days off of school!

whats been going on lately

I hate having a broken ankle i cant do anything. I wear either yogas or sweatpants to school litterly everyday. There was an actual fire in the school earlier this week so my teacher had to carry me downstairs and outside. The school unfortunately didnt burn down it was just a minor fire in culinary class. I'm going to a party tonight with Conner so Im going to take a shower and decide what to wear that won't look awful with my cast.

Movie Night

So this afternoon Conner and I went to his house and watched movies together. We watched A Christmas Story (yeah its a little late for xmas movies but w/e), Home Alone, and The Lion King (its like were 5 HAHA) His mom was so nice she let us watch the movies in the livingroom and she even set up their reclining chair so I could sit in it while we watched the movies because I needed somewhere to put my leg. All I have worn since I got my cast are like yoga pants sweatpants track pants like I have not worn one pair of jeans. All my jeans are skinny and they wouldnt fit over my cast. Awww poor Trevor is sick I must've gotten him sick...oh well.

Gym Class

 So im sitting in the library at school by myself. SInce my ankle is broken I obviously can't do outdoor walking so I get to sit in here and be bored. I have a chemistry test next period so I guess I could study for that. Its so hot in here right now. I might just die! 

School Tomorrow

 So this weekend sucked, but at least I'm feeling better. I'm getting used to walking around on crutches. School is gonna suck with everyone asking what happened to my ankle, and trying to get around school and stuff. I saw my gym coach today at the store. My mom and I went to the grocery store to get something for dinner. He was like "Oh kiddo what happened to your leg?" so I told him what happened and he said that I don't need to bring in a doctors note since he obviously knows that its really broken and I'm not faking it. Trevor,Conner, my mom, and I are all going out for icecream yay!

This weekend is just going great.

So I broke my ankle this morning, my boyfriend's sick, I just found out that I have to do attendance school, and I just puked into a trash can in my room. This weekend sucks. I thought I was over this flu, but my stomach started bothering me again. I ate some beef ramon noodles, but 15 minutes later I started feeling nauseous. Thank God I have the little trash can in my room cause theres no way I would make it to the bathroom with my broken ankle. I FEEL SO SICK!

Bad Attendance :(

So I got a letter in the mail today saying that I had to make up some days of school in attendance school during spring vacation because I have missed 8 days of school this year. Its so stupid that I have to make up the days. I made up all the work yet I'm still being punished. I'm being punished for being sick. I was sick every day I missed school. I missed 4 days last week because I had the flu and was directed BY A DOCTOR not to go to school. The other 4 days should also be excused. One of the days i didnt go to school was because I had been up all night puking. I was going to go anyway but when I was sitting in my room blow drying my hair and puked all over the clothes I was going to wear I decided not to. Another day I was coughing up blood and running a 103 degree fever , so once again stupid me decided it was best not to go to school. I had strep throat another day. I didnt want to go to school with a very infectious illness. And the last day (about a month ago) I actually did go i went for about 45 minutes. I had a very bad stomach ache and I ran out of math class intending to get to the bathroom but I ended up puking into a trash can in the hallway and I was sent home by the nurse. Its not like I took these days off because I wanted to I was ligitametly sick and couldnt be in school.

This is gonna be a long couple of months

 I hate being on crutches and I'm so bored already. My mom and my step dad left about ten minutes ago to go visit my gramma. I just got off the phone with Conner. He's still so sick. I feel so bad for him. I got him sick because he came over on Monday after he got out of school to see how i was doing. I'm laying in bed right now. I feel like all I'm going to be doing is sleeping, homework, and using my laptop. You can't do anything fun when you have a broken ankle. My little brother Trevor is driving me insane right now he keeps coming in and out of my room. If anybody would like a 7 year old brother he's for sale. I really want something to eat but I do not feel like hopping downstairs to get anything. Maybe Trevor could make himself useful and get me something. I have a wedding to go to in February. Its my cousin's. I'm going to have a cast on, and its gonna look so stupid because I'm obiviously going to be wearing a dress, but whatever I'm gonna be in Florida where its warm. Great Trevor's friend is here. Ugh so annoying.

Broken Ankle

So i woke up this morning and I was so happy because I felt so much better (Ive been sick all week). Since my boyfriend Connor is still sick ( he has the flu) I decided to call one of my good friends that i havent hung out with in a really long time and ask her if she wanted to go skiing with me today. She said yes so we met up at the ski resort and went skiing. We went down a trail that didnt have that much snow on it because alot of it melted and there was a grass patch i thought I had enough speed to go over it but I didnt and I ended up falling and breaking my ankle. I screamed because it hurt so bad. Luckily one of my mom's friends happened to be going down the same trail he stopped and carried me to the lodge. There was a doctor in the lodge sitting at the bar. He looked at my ankle and said that he thinks that its broken, so Maddie (the friend I was with) called my step dad and he picked me up and brought me to the emergency room. I had to wait in the waiting room for like 20 minutes. My mom came and my dad left to drop Maddie off at home. The doctor took some xrays and told me that its broken in three places they wrapped it and gave me some crutches. I have to go to the doctors on Tuesday morning to get an actual cast. They said that I'll be on crutches for at least a month and a half maybe longer and I might have to have surgery, so then I'd be on crutches for even longer. I am not having a good week.

Sick Week

So I've been absent from school all week except for today. Everyone at school is sick. They even considered closing for the week because so many people were absent but they didnt. So this morning i wasnt planning on going but I decided that I felt well enough to go. I threw on some yoga pants and a hoodie got on the bus and went to school. As soon as I got to first period math I couldnt stop coughing. I felt horrible but I didnt want to go home and spend another boring day in my room on my laptop so I just decided to get over it. My boyfriend Connor didn't go to school today because he's sick, so i didnt get to see him. :(  Everyone was asking where I've been. It was really annoying after a while. I didnt remember that i had outdoor walking today in gym class, so i didnt even bring a winter coat to school.  I was coughing a lot and since I'm still sick my voice sounds really bad so the gym teacher let me stay inside and do soccer instead. Now its Friday night and my dad and my step mom wont let me go skiing because I'm still sick. :( so ill be here bored all night. YAYYYYY

Simple Times

 I've been thinking a lot lately and I really wish i had appreciated the time i had in elementry and middle school. The whole time i was there i was wishing for highschool. Don't get me wrong I like highschool, but it comes with a lot of stress. Much harder work, less help with assignments, a lot more work,ect. In elementry school your biggest concern was doing spelling homework (writing 10 spelling words three times each and using it in a sentence). I miss when we were young and had recess no jobs and no cares in the world. Everythings so complicated once you get older, but i guess its just part of growing up.

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